Friday, August 15, 2008

Starting a new job

As for person who is deaf or HH, there are several items to resolve after accepting the job offer and before starting the new job. Those items are:

  1. Phone communication- request for a videophone. Most companies and government agencies have firewall to stop hackers as well as large bandwith hog such as internet video viewers. In this case, request for a separate DSL line to the videophone only. Network administrators and security administrators will be happy with this approach instead of punching holes into the firewall.
  2. Interpreter- identify who is the contact person in HR department to arrange an agreement for scheduling sign language interpreter. Make arrangement for the first day on the job.
  3. Identity- HR and your new supervisor want to know how to explain your disability to the rest of the team prior to your start date. Please help them explain who you are- are you deaf or hard of hearing? what should the team members do to communicate with you? Lipreading or writing? Be brave and confident. Expect misunderstanding and the frustration will be much less.

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